Latest Methods For Keeping Silverfish Away

Like all other pests, silverfish do not eat everything or infest everywhere. But, still, there is a possibility that your home is attacked by silverfish and you will definitely not like it. Luckily, using DIY or natural methods you can do silverfish control. And in this article, we are sharing some latest methods of silverfish control.

silverfish control
silverfish control
  1. Citrus peel spray: For silverfish control, you can use citrus peel spray. It is one of the best natural pesticides to keep silverfish away. Citrus peel spray can be made very easily using any citrus fruit like lemon or orange. You need to chop the peel of oranges or lemons. And put the peel in a pot with ethanol so that it can get covered. Boil it by reducing the heat for at least 10 minutes. Leave the mixture for at least 12 hours. And then, spray on the silverfish whenever you notice any, it will help you to get rid of them. You need to use high-quality alcohol which can attract limonene which is a natural chemical. Water will also work, but it is not so effective, a high concentration of limonene can kill silverfish. And, always choose high limonene containing citrus fruit. This process might seem difficult to you. But, it is not, the more peel you will soak for longer, the more effective your spray will be. You should give it a try, silverfish control can be easy with this tip.
  1. Repel silverfish with herbs: For silverfish control, using mint or thyme can be a good decision. Have a go at drying twigs of spices to keep close to or behind your books, swelling them a little to assist them with delivering their fragrance. Mint and thyme both contain bunches of limonene, while fennel, rosemary, hyssop, and sage have some (however much less). Limonene is risky for silverfish to contact, so the objective is to deliver enough of it that they see your shelves as a peril zone. It would be better if you use spearmint for silverfish control as it contains a high amount of limonene, though using mountain mint is the best but it is very difficult to find.
  1. Deter the silverfish using ointments: You can also prefer to use ointments for silverfish control. Oils of lemon peel, mint, or celery work very best for the removal of silverfish and you can rely on them as silverfish hate the fragrance of the ointments. All you need to do is to drop some oil on the places where you have seen them or their infestation, don’t leave any wall crevices, bookshelves, or the places where you find silvery dust. Do remember, though essential ointments are natural or very helpful for pest control near me it is dangerous too if they are not diluted. Some drops of it on your skin can cause severe skin burn or irritation. Well, we recommend you to use the mint ointment as it is one of the proven and best ointments for silverfish control.


So, these are some of the latest methods for keeping the silverfish away from home by doing silverfish control. Follow the above pest solutions and prevent silverfish infestation. To book an appointment  call us on 0720 004 287 .