What Are The Common Methods To Kill Possums Instantly?

Possums might look like cute cuddly creatures. But are harmful, not to you or your children but some of them carry diseases like tuberculosis. They also can disturb your home’s alignment. There are many chemicals that are available that don’t really work though, to help keep possums away from your garden, many homeowners put up fencing.

Fencing should be at least 4 feet high from the ground level. Getting rid of or sealing food material, water resources, and possums homes effectively prevents these critters from sticking around your house. If pet food or trash is outside overnight, it’s an open invitation for pests. So, make sure you keep them covered in an airtight plastic bag. Open holes provide easy access to possums this will harden the process of possum removal services. Once possums are inside your house it’s very difficult to get rid of them. Now that’s enough knowledge about them, let’s see how to remove them.

Here Are Some Tips To Kill Possums:-


Best tip to kill possums is to poison their food that’s so simple you just have to buy pesticides from the nearest supermarket mix them with some sweets or desserts, put them around the corners of your house and then wait until possums eat them and as soon as they will eat those sweets and desserts they will die and then you can clean your house. But there are some precautions and measures you have to take in possum control and that are to check the expiry date out of the package before using the pesticides, and after mixing poison with desserts you should wash your hands properly so you don’t accidentally consume it. Make sure that your kids and pets are not in contact with the poison. If they eat them, they immediately rush to the hospital.

Trapping Them 

First by trapping them and then killing them or you can leave them in the jungles all you need to is a trap from your nearest supermarket. You can also apply an electrical field on the fencing that you made. As soon as they come in contact with the current they will die and you can get rid of them. This will for sure help in the best pest control.


In this article, we have mentioned several tips which you can follow in order to control possums which are present in your house. You need to perform preventive measures in order to stop the control of possums. B they could be very harmful as well as dangerous for your health. By performing all the tips in this article, you can make sure that there are no possums present in your house. You can even go for hiring professional pest control to get effective and quick results. As they have higher experience in this field. They can serve you with the best quality of work within an inferior period of time. This will help in possum control.

When Is The Right Time To Hire Possum Removal Services?

We all know and agree that possums are not harmful but can create disturbance in daily life once. They get their way into the home. Possums don’t cause any harm to the health of you or your family. But their presence in your home means your belongings are in danger. If your home has already been taken over by possums, then, there are lots of ways of doing possums removal. Or if you don’t have an idea of doing it, then, no worries you can hire possums removal services.

Identify Possums Infestation

Before you call the local pest control service, you need to identify the infestation of possums. Well, it is not a tough job as their infestation is easily noticeable. You can just identify by noticing their behavior in your home.

Do keep in mind that possums are pests who don’t make any nest for their living, rather they think of your home as their shelter. So, your home is their home. For identification you can check for any physical damage on your property. You will also be able to notice their droppings and their behavior creates a sound which makes their infestation very revealing.

Now, the main question arises when is the right time to hire possums removal services? Well, you have the answer to it, whenever you find out that your home has been shared with possums without any notice or you get identification of their presence, then and there you should prefer calling possums removal services.

It’s not like there is not any other method available of doing possums removal. We have lots of home remedies or natural ways of removing possums, but still, nothing can be compared with professionals. It would be better if instead of trying any natural or homemade remedy for removing possums you call possums removal services. They are experts as well as have good experience. They deal every day with pests like possums. So, you don’t have to worry after hiring them, they are well known for the job.

While hiring the possum’s removal service, there are some things which you need to consider like the pricing or services, offerings, references, or years of experience. Do keep in mind, the more experienced possums removal service you will hire the more effective results you will get. Do check their references as well as past customer feedback to be assured about their way of working.

Though possums do not spread any harmful disease to anyone they are notorious. And for the safety of your belongings their removal is necessary. And with that you need to do their removal with lots of care. Pest removal is not an easy task but why make it tough when you have an easy option, just hire or call possums removal services and get rid of possums quickly.


Thus, we hope that by reading this article, you might have got an idea of when is the right time to hire possums control services for possums removal.

Latest Methods For Keeping Silverfish Away

Like all other pests, silverfish do not eat everything or infest everywhere. But, still, there is a possibility that your home is attacked by silverfish and you will definitely not like it. Luckily, using DIY or natural methods you can do silverfish control. And in this article, we are sharing some latest methods of silverfish control.

silverfish control
silverfish control
  1. Citrus peel spray: For silverfish control, you can use citrus peel spray. It is one of the best natural pesticides to keep silverfish away. Citrus peel spray can be made very easily using any citrus fruit like lemon or orange. You need to chop the peel of oranges or lemons. And put the peel in a pot with ethanol so that it can get covered. Boil it by reducing the heat for at least 10 minutes. Leave the mixture for at least 12 hours. And then, spray on the silverfish whenever you notice any, it will help you to get rid of them. You need to use high-quality alcohol which can attract limonene which is a natural chemical. Water will also work, but it is not so effective, a high concentration of limonene can kill silverfish. And, always choose high limonene containing citrus fruit. This process might seem difficult to you. But, it is not, the more peel you will soak for longer, the more effective your spray will be. You should give it a try, silverfish control can be easy with this tip.
  1. Repel silverfish with herbs: For silverfish control, using mint or thyme can be a good decision. Have a go at drying twigs of spices to keep close to or behind your books, swelling them a little to assist them with delivering their fragrance. Mint and thyme both contain bunches of limonene, while fennel, rosemary, hyssop, and sage have some (however much less). Limonene is risky for silverfish to contact, so the objective is to deliver enough of it that they see your shelves as a peril zone. It would be better if you use spearmint for silverfish control as it contains a high amount of limonene, though using mountain mint is the best but it is very difficult to find.
  1. Deter the silverfish using ointments: You can also prefer to use ointments for silverfish control. Oils of lemon peel, mint, or celery work very best for the removal of silverfish and you can rely on them as silverfish hate the fragrance of the ointments. All you need to do is to drop some oil on the places where you have seen them or their infestation, don’t leave any wall crevices, bookshelves, or the places where you find silvery dust. Do remember, though essential ointments are natural or very helpful for pest control near me it is dangerous too if they are not diluted. Some drops of it on your skin can cause severe skin burn or irritation. Well, we recommend you to use the mint ointment as it is one of the proven and best ointments for silverfish control.


So, these are some of the latest methods for keeping the silverfish away from home by doing silverfish control. Follow the above pest solutions and prevent silverfish infestation. To book an appointment  call us on 0720 004 287 .

Learn How Flea Control Is Important

Fleas are inevitable parasites who usually attack pets like cats and dogs and on getting rid of them. They come inside your home and they keep feeding themselves by sucking the blood of animals as well as humans. Generally, their main targets are animals only. We humans are not on their food list, but still, they can live up to humans too. They are not only hoping for insects but also they are dangerous. And, that’s the reason fleas control is mandatory.

 fleas control
fleas control

Why is fleas control important?

  1. Uncomfortable symptoms: If fleas have infested or attacked your pets, then, you will be able to notice some uncomfortable behaviour of your pets. Reactions like itching or allergic reactions will be clearly visible after their presence. You will be able to see rashes on their skin too due to excessive scratching. Due to fleas, many pets suffer from scratching or other severe allergic problems for a long time. Whenever you notice that your pets are behaving oddly, you should take action immediately for pest control services
  2. Diseases: Don’t ever judge fleas by their look or size. They are one of the most dangerous pests living on this earth. You might not know but fleas carry lots of bacteria or diseases with themselves which are transported on the body of their host while biting or sucking blood. They can cause diseases like ehrlichiosis, or bartonellosis. Fleas also can transmit to you or your pets some internal parasites like tapeworms. So, you better don’t avoid fleas control.
  3. Home infestation: When you or your pets come inside your home from playing outdoors, there is a very chance that with your loving pets, fleas are also infesting your home. Once they get into your home, the female fleas start laying and their population keeps increasing. Within no time their infestation will become very difficult to handle and your daily life peace will be totally destroyed. Keep in mind that the flea cycle is of 14 days, so keep doing fleas control every 14 days to stop the flea problem.
  4. Protect your pets or family members: As discussed above, fleas carry lots of diseases with them which can make you, your pets, or your family members fall ill and that’s the reason their infestation should not be taken lightly. They usually can cause zoonotic diseases like plague or Lyme disease. 
  5. Prevention is always the key: If you have fleas infesting your home and are unable to get rid of them, then, you should call professional pest control services to get rid of them. Once the professionals will remove the fleas, you need to follow the prevention tips to avoid them infesting again. As prevention is the best key for everything including fleas control. And, don’t worry, professionals have lots of equipment or chemicals for doing fleas control, after they are done with their work, no fleas will be remaining inside your home, we can assure you.


So, we hope this article, we made or helped you to understand why fleas control is so important. You should not ignore their infestation as they are very disastrous.